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close up of a llama

Animal Encounters

Unique experiences with High Hampton’s furry and feathery friends

Llama Hikes

Llama Llove

If you’ve never hiked with a llama, High Hampton Resort offers you the opportunity to cross this amazing adventure off your bucket list! 

Our furry fleet of sure-footed llamas lead local hikes, carry your lunch, and compete side-by-side with you in Llama Olympics!

We offer this special activity for both members and guests of High Hampton. For more information or to book a Llama Adventure, contact the High Hampton Concierge at (828) 743-2411.

two llamas staring into a camera
falcon sitting on a person's hand


The sport of kings

Take part in the sport of kings with our popular falconry program! High Hampton Resort proudly partners with Curtis Wright Outfitters to share the ancient sport of falconry with our guests. You will learn about the history, equipment and training of hawks and falcons and have an opportunity for a hawk to follow you on a nature walk and fly to your glove. 

For more information, contact the High Hampton Concierge at (828) 743-2411.

Miniature Donkeys

Meet Fred and Ed

Fred and Ed are one-of-a-kind – actually, two-of-a-kind. 

Donkeys and Mules have a rich history at High Hampton Resort, and have deservedly been designated as our official logo and mascot. 

They began more than a century ago building the original structures, farming and plowing the land. And today, Fred and Ed have become the highlight of generations of family vacations taking children on donkey cart rides and bringing smiles the the faces of everyone they meet. 

a person reaching their hand out to a miniature donkey
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